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As the proverb says, "Improvement roots from dissatisfaction." The Fenix story begins with a group of young men, passionate about high quality LED flashlights and illumination tools, who grew increasingly dissatisfied with the mediocre flashlights on the market. Their dissatisfaction for these substandard engineered flashlights, led them to manufacture Fenix world-class LED flashlights, the highest standard in flashlight technology.

Seeking support, the new team organized a group of professional engineers to head their machining, electronics and design departments, and together they founded Fenix Limited. The perfect marriage between ingenuity and craftsmanship help create the legendary LED flashlights Fenix is known and respected for all over the world.

Today, Fenix LED flashlights are distributed and sold in more than 40 countries, establishing the brand in the global market. Key production steps have been integrated to ensure a higher level of quality control. As well, the CNC machine, anodizing factory, research and development lab and a robust production line are all Fenix owned and operated.

The company continues to live true to the traditional meaning of its name where the word Fenix (phoenix) stands for perfection.
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