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Fenix MC11 Fenix MC11 Led Flashlight

  • Black

Fenix MC11 Led Flashlight

Item Code: MC11

Manufacturer: Fenix


Fenix MC11 is a multi-functional angle light originally produced by Fenix. It is extremely convenient to adjust the illuminating angle and the brightness. The MC11 can be used as an L-shaped flashlight, a camping light and a headlamp, which can meet your various lighting needs in many outdoor situations. Featuring 3 brightness levels and 2 flashing modes and waterproof to IPX-8 Standard, the Fenix MC11 is an exceptional choice for the multi-angle outdoor illumination. The great little light is convenient to use, exquisite to carry and highly effective and efficient for rugged outdoor use.

Color: Black

Max Brightness: 87

Max Runtime: 53

Number Of Outputs: 5

PowerSource Available

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