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Fenix TK60 Fenix TK60 Tactical Led Flashlight

  • Black

Fenix TK60 Tactical Led Flashlight

Item Code: TK60

Manufacturer: Fenix


The Fenix TK60 is a high-intensity multi-functional LED flashlight powered by D cell batteries. The dual switch system in the front allows you to rapidly switch between the four different output modes and two different flashing modes. The TK60 has a max output of 800 lumens, and goes as low as 10 lumens on low mode making it versatile enough to suit a variety of tasks. The runtime can last as long as 15 days making it the perfect partner for extended outdoor adventures. With the perfect combination of its outstanding performance, compact design, and easy of use, the TK60 is a dependable light source when outdoor searching, caving, or using as a spare light for automobiles, boats, etc.

Color: Black

Max Brightness: 800

Max Runtime: 400

Number Of Outputs: 6

PowerSource Available

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